The world’s most optimized metropolis

May 20, 2015 10:27 am  /  Asia
The world’s most optimized metropolis

Being a fervent admirer  – and citizen – of Hong-Kong, it is particularly hard to concede points to its closest rival, Singapore. Growing up in Hong-Kong gave me a very pampered view on cities -I became used to being in multicultural, dynamic,  and thriving environments, and would settle for nothing less. I have since lived in France, America, and Spain, and became convinced that there is no place like home. I was wrong.

Singapore brings you the best Hong-Kong has to offer, with a whole new level of creativity. It’s the embodiment of our new UI-focused economy. Everything – from public transportation to Skyscraper airflow  –  has been meticulously crafted to provide the most favorable impact to the citizens as possible. The resulting increase in air quality, and overall satisfaction make it a city to be admired, not vilified for its authoritative government.

Welcome to Singapore, the city of life.

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