The face of resilience

February 20, 2015 10:05 am  /  Asia
The face of resilience

While wandering around Turtle Island, I met these lovely people – a young Cambodian girl, and her grandmother. At first, it was nothing more than a business transaction – I was thirsty, they had the coconuts. After a short discussion, they were curious about my camera, and started showing me stories of their own.

The girl’s father was severely wounded during the Khmer regime, the Communist party of Kampuchea in Cambodia. Part of a fishermen family, he was expropriated during the great famine (circa 1975), and partially lost his sight after several rounds of torture. He found a way to escape and swam to Turtle Island, a secluded, uninhabited island off the coast of Cambodia. He has since founded his own family, crafted his own boat and recreated an ecosystem he now calls home.

These stories are commonplace in Asia, which has been plagued with centuries of conflicts and instability. Although demons differ in shape, size and poison, in each of its countries, you will find some of the most resilient people.

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