GMAT – How to crack it!

June 20, 2015 3:49 pm  /  How-to

The road to 700+ is a tedious one. The first time I took it, I relied on a “leading” Test-Prep company, and was appalled by the glaring difference between my “expected” score and the actual one I received. I thought the test wasn’t made for me, and gave up on the idea of taking the GMAT again.

One year later, new opportunities arose and I faced the same demon again. I reviewed my notes, and realized that I made a huge mistake : I blindly focused on someone’s “recommended” approach, and forgot to make it my own. I now realize that the GMAT has to be taken as a personal challenge, and has to be approached by your own, tailored approach.  Don’t get swayed by Test-Prep companies guaranteeing a +60 progression, instead, make this promise to yourself.

I have received numerous feedback requests, I decided to summarize my recommendations here:

  • Find your target score, and take a test on day 1, to better understand how much effort is required
  • Print a clear schedule, display it on your desk, and stick to it!!
  • Don’t be disappointed by a decreasing trend, instead, question your approach and see if there is a pattern (usually, people get stuck on a very specific question type)
  • Chart your progression, take at least 4-5 tests before test day
  • Check out GMAT-related websites (gmatclub/beat the gmat) for shortcuts to complex problems, but don’t spend too much time on reading strategies – yours will always be the best suited.

The tools you absolutely need:

  • GMATPREP software (problem sets + exam)
  • GMAT Official Guide
  • GMAT OG Verbal + Quantitative

It should cost you no more than $200, and by the time you’re done with the content, you should be ready to tackle whatever Test-Day can throw at you.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need help 🙂

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