Hi there!

Hi there!

I’m JD and let me tell you about my biggest obsession – photography.

As a kid, I followed my parents throughout Asia, and have been greatly influenced by its local communities. Thailand, Vietnam, Hong-Kong : 3 countries that I’d like to call home, but probably never will. At first, I dabbled, trying desperately to understand ISOs, shutter speeds and f-Stops; and before I knew it, I fell in love. Photography opened my eyes to a side of me I never expected – passion, creativity, adventurousness… facets that I couldn’t possibly live without today.

As I moved from Hong-Kong, to Canada , to France and to Spain, I’ve discovered more places that I could ever dream of. Whether I’m frantically chasing pumas in Kenya or waiting for a 200-minute long exposure to end, I try my best to take on a different perspective. My favorite challenge is to go on a trip with one body/one lens and to adapt accordingly. Granted, fixed-focal length lenses aren’t ideal, but they do an amazing job at forcing you to think differently. Instead of being 5 meters away from your subject, you are now suddenly within 1 and forced to build trust. That’s how I met some of the most fascinating people who have reshaped my life, my way of thinking.

Any scene, no matter its size, can be captured in an infinite number of ways. I sincerely hope you appreciate my perspective, and please don’t hesitate to get in touch! I’m always looking for new adventures.

All the best,